"Our mission is to bridge and enrich the generations by fostering intergenerational understanding, communication and cooperation between the generations."

Our Purpose

Strong extended family bonds are a privilege that many of us take for granted. Good relationships between young persons and older adults can help to sustain healthy childhood development and allow us to feel connected in an oftentimes isolating society. Volunteer Grandparents aims to facilitate these extended family bonds and intergenerational relationships among adults and children who are not biologically linked. We believe strongly in the positive gains of intergenerational connections, and seek to provide the basis for long lasting and committed relationships between older and younger generations. 

The intergenerational relationships created through our program are mutually beneficial. For children and families, a volunteer grandparent’s invaluable wisdom can be a positive guiding force in their life. The influence of a volunteer grandparent can help them through the challenges of school, peer group acceptance and self esteem building.

For older adults, a strong relationship with a member of a younger generation can let them feel connected to a fast changing society, avoid loneliness and isolation, and allow them to have an influence on upcoming generations. In addition, seniors who volunteer often experience a great improvement in mental and physical health as a result of their active community involvement.

Volunteer Grandparents is dedicated to the fulfillment and well-being of individual lives with the facilitation of intergenerational connections. We envision the betterment of society and the sustaining of healthy communities through the intergenerational bonds that we help to create.

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